Amazing experience every time!  Love, love, love this woman! Karyn is genuine, caring, dedicated and so knowledgeable. I had several readings with her and every time she completely blows my mind. Karyn explains everything carefully and really takes the time to make sure you understand what your reading means for you. I highly recommend any of her services! A.F.  Jun 14, 2016

My Time with Karyn is always a Wonderful and Insightful experience.Upon my first reading with her she told me that I too! had the gift of reading the cards and would someday be doing it. Now 5 years later, I am doing what I truly love!! Reading the cards. Thanks to Karyn, she has helped me fulfill my destiny and find my passion. Thank you Karyn your the best! Lori  Shellman   Nov 10, 2016

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    You'll need more than one hour! I have NEVER received a reading as in depth and spot on as the one I had with Karyn. Give yourself plenty of time~schedule 1.5 or 2 hours because you will need it. Karyn covers an impressive amount of material and allows time for questions. The reading was an amazing experience, and I left feeling something that I have not felt in a long time....Hope. A reading with Karyn is an investment in creating a dynamic, soul driven, purpose filled life!  Kristen Casey   Jan 7, 2017
      Dear Karyn,
      Many thanks for the wonderful reading last Friday. I have been thinking a lot about what you told me about my project Surfslides.  Very curiously I received a message from Marty on Friday saying that the intermediary person Shelley who was looking for the funds, had been fired. You were right on.  Amazing. At the same time I am feeling energized about the news that I might meet somebody in Costa Rica. I have had readings in the past, but nothing like yours.  Meeting you was wonderful and I will stay in touch with you.
      Warm regards,
      "Karyn Chabot is an amazing reader I went for a reading of the upcoming year.. She is kind, compassionate, and insightful. Her readings are accurate and provide great guidance and insight for the year to come, and to understand the year that passed." Amy Greer Dec 15, 2017
      "The technology is superb, clear, and friendly... Karyn Chabot is a masterful, comforting and insightful guide into your internal inquiry. WonderFul!"  Heidi Webber  Dec 6, 2017
      Insightful and thorough!
      Karyn is an amazing life coach! Interpretive, insightful, thoughtful and thorough assessment every time!  Katie C  Oct 12, 2017
      Amazingly Accurate Reading! Karyn was amazing! Karyn was able to interpret the cards accurately and with extensive detail. I asked about 3 areas of insight: Relationships, health and litigation. After determining my birth card as a 2 hearts, her insight continued to astound me. Not only did she assess my relationships, she accurately interpreted recent prostate issues with a statement " challenges with male reproductive tissue". I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Look forward to future astrological readings with a pro!  Michael L  Sep 26, 2017