Tropical Libra Astrology 2019

Predictions and remedial measures listed below apply to all people with Libra moons, Libra suns and Libra ascendants, based on the tropical zodiac from Sept 23-Oct 22, 2019.

Zodiac symbol: Scales

Zodiac element: Air

Zodiac quality: Cardinal (Beginnings)

Planet: Venus

Color: Pinks & Purples

Stones of Venus: Diamond, Ruby, and Zircon

Traits: Librans’ are gracious, discerning and like to quietly take charge in a powerful, yet fair and deliberate way in order to sustain equanimity at all costs on all fronts. They strive for balance in every field of living and have a keen sense of harmonious exchanges of energy, time and money. Since Librans govern the 7th house of relationships in the natural zodiac chart, they put romance and partnership before everything else. They can make very good partners, as well as entertainers, comedians, musicians, beauticians, artists, designers, dancers, actresses and they can easily be the life of any party.

Love:  The Sun has been burning on Venus, the ruler of Libra, since June 11, 2019. This can cause Librans to feel drained and burnt out. The Sun will finally stop burning on Venus on Oct 8th, 2019, which give them more energy and bring in some good luck with love. With Mars, the planet of love and war, ruling your 7th house and sitting in your 12th house, this could unfold in several ways depending on your free will and individual natal chart: 1. You could take long distance overseas journey with our without your spouse. 2. Focus on a disciplined daily meditation practice or enroll in a dream symbolism course. 3. You or your spouse may choose to spend time in an ashram together or alone, or focus on a video or book production. 4. Hospitalization 5. If it’s a new relationship, it could give rise to hours of bed pleasures. 6. Argue about overseas travel and/or sleeping arrangements where one of the partners decides to sleep separately. 6. Break up or divorce.

To use the energy of Mars in the 12th house productively as well as cool down from the inflammations of the sun burning on Venus, here are some recommended remedial measures: 

·       Since Mars governs the muscle tissue in the body. Head to the gym or take a yoga, dance, ride your bike outside or take a martial arts class.

·       Mars governs competition; engage in competitive sports. Be a good sport if you lose too.

·       Mars governs brothers. Buy tickets to the Patriots for your brothers, if you have any, or for friends that feel like brothers to you.

·       Donate to the military or law enforcement agencies.

·       Buy a beer or iced nitro-coffee for the guys at the Newport Fire Station for First Responders.

·       Cool down by taking a swim in the ocean before it get too cold.

·       Stretch, twist and open your torso with back bends, spinal twists and cobra to release inflammation.

·       Moon Salutations and Bathing

·       Drink ¼ Cup of aloe vera juice or gel once or twice per day.

Money: This month for Librans, there could be a sudden windfall of money, an inheritance or secret money transaction. With Uranus sitting in your 8th house of “other people’s money”, expect the unexpected. There can also be money coming in from overseas, as well as someone may fail to pay you what they owe you at work. Charitable monies, such as alimony, child support or social security money will continue to flow, as well as philanthropic opportunities may arise. Remedial measures to help bring in more money this month for Librans:

·       Continue to do Mars remedies since this will also help with money flow from your career.

·       To encourage charitable money, be extra kind to your father, grandfather and other authority figures like bosses

·       Do some soul searching while gazing at the sunrise and sunset daily.

·       Sun salutations

·       Find your power animal

·       Allow yourself to shine

·       For “other people’s money” to flow, donate to the Newport Art Museum or sit as a model in one of their painting classes. Or help someone do some graphic design on the computer as a gift to ignite Uranus in the 8th house, ruled by Venus.

New Moon: Sept 29 in the sign of Libra.

This new moon can give rise to new burst of creativity and artistic projects such as writing because the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon will all be sitting in the sign of Libra together on Sept 29th. You may also feel drawn to teaching art, writing, dance or any other form of creative expression. It’s a perfect time to clean out your closet and reinvent your wardrobe, your style or get a new haircut! On a small piece of paper, write down one thing, thought, belief, feeling or one person that has become toxic in your life. Fold that paper up into a tiny flat square. Then find at least 3 stones outside and stack them on top of each other, which is called a stone stuppa. Put your folded tiny paper under the stone stuppa and ask the Powers that Be, God, the stone fairies or whomever you believe in to help you let this go.

Full Moon: Oct 14 in the sign of Aries.

This full moon can feel like another new start on some level because Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac. An Aires full moon can bring in lots of impulsive energy and excitement. As well, it can help bring in clarity and illumination to any confusion, doubts or secrets. If you’ve been waiting for answers or a solution to something that have been heavy on your mind since around the new moon, rest assured, nature will give you messages. Go outside to look and listen for such messages from the plant and animal kingdom, as well as from a person. As the moon rises in the sky, take the folded tiny paper from under your stone stuppa, put it in a small metal dish and burn it. As the smoke rises, give gratitude to the Powers that be for helping bring in more lightness to your life.