Tropical Zodiac Predictions for Leo 2019

Predictions and remedial measures listed below apply to all people with Leo moons, Leo suns and Leo ascendants, based on the tropical zodiac from July 23-Aug 23, 2019.


·      Zodiac symbol: Lion

·      Zodiac element: Fire

·      Zodiac quality: Fixed

·      Planet: Sun

·      Color: Red

·      Stone: Ruby, Carnelian, Peridot

Traits: Leo love to be loved and adored. Being center stage is a natural proclivity, as well as the life of the party. This trait can lead them to a career in the performing arts or in a leadership position. Since their totem animal is the lion, king of the jungle, they often have a royal way about them.  Yet, if they are not mindful, their sense of entitlement may get them in trouble. Regardless, they are devoted, protective, kind and gracious. Since their intrinsic element is fire, they are often energetic, passion, positive, feisty and often opinionated. Their shadow side can give rise to attributes of arrogance impatience and stubbornness because they are one of the 4 fixed zodiac signs.

Love: Until Aug 21, the sun, which is the ruler of Leo, is burning up the love planet we call Venus. In astrology terms, Venus is combust by the sun until Aug 21. Relationships can become heated and couples may actually feel burned out from the relationship. In some cases, such combustion can be crippling for romance, but in other cases, it can cause immense passion and excitement, depending on the stage of the relationship and the conditions of the planets in each person’s chart.  With retrograde Neptune in the 12th House, it can be tempting to indulge in a secret love affairs, especially with past lovers, or take an overseas journey, or Neptune can produce the proverbial smoke and mirror effect, where people simply fall in love with love. Retrograde Saturn is casting a glance at Leo’s 7th house of marriage and partnership which can cause delays and obstructions, but it can also cause restructuring, redefining and purification of toxicity within the dynamic of the relationship. In some cases, it can help cause a long and overdue break up, liberating both parties.  Here are some recommended remedial measures Leo’s romance this month:

·      Say the Hawaiian Ho’Ponopono Novena to your lover or to yourself daily: “Please forgive me, I am so sorry, I love you, I forgive you, I bless you and I thank you.” For Venus, say this 6X each hour for 6 hours over a period of 6 days. Venus vibrates to the number six. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Let that go and just say these words like you mea it, from your heart, and expect major internal transformations.

·      Keep a vase of fresh flowers near you.

·      Sit or meditate by still water or walk along the ocean shore barefoot

·      Brisk walking at during the coolness of twilight is the best time to exercise during this intense planetary alignment.

·      Supported forward bending such that the head is below the heart, will inspire gentleness, humility and forgiveness.

·      Sun Salutations

·      Eat some fresh watermelon and sweet blueberries to stay cool.

Money: Jupiter and Venus govern money. Venus is combust from close proximity to the sun, so we will need to rely on Jupiter to support us financially for now. Jupiter will station “Direct” on Aug 12th in Leo’s 8th house of “other people’s money”. This can bring inheritance, windfalls and money made by other people. It can also indicate hidden money or scandals around money. The feeling in the air regarding almost everything, not just money, will be “systems go” as Jupiter is finally moving forward freely, bringing expansion, protection and abundance on all levels. With Jupiter in Leo’s 8th house, aspecting into their 2nd house of earned money, there may be a chance at a raise or a good return on an investment, as well as money from overseas between Aug 12th and Mid December. Remedial measures to help bring in more money this month for Leo people:

·      Wear yellow or gold

·      Donate your time to the boy’s and girl’s club

·      Spend more time teaching your children about forgiveness

·      Give flowers or gifts to your favorite teacher or guru

·      Offer to be of service to someone in need

·      Give money to children’s charities

 Career: With Retrograde Saturn, the south node of the moon and Pluto sitting in Leo’s 10th house of career, expect many transformations, endings, purifications and restructuring. The intensity of these planets can elevate you from a lower to a higher position at work, or it can bring an outdated job to an end. Remember, when one door closes, another one will open. Be flexible and willing to roll with the changes, trusting that there is a gift in every adversity. Remedial Measures to help your career this month:

·      Wear blue colors

·      Help an elderly person across the street

·      Feed the birds

·      Donate to saving the bees

·      Visit or call your grandparents. Tell them you love them

·      Vegetarian eating or a juice fast on Saturdays