Astrological Cancer Weather Forecast 2019

Predictions and remedial measures listed below apply to all people with Cancer moons, Cancer suns and Cancer ascendants, based on the tropical zodiac from June 21-July 23, 2019.


Zodiac symbol: Crab

Zodiac element: Water

Zodiac quality: Cardinal/Beginnings

Planet: Moon

Color: Silver/white

Stone: Pearl/Moonstone

Traits: Cancers are maternal, domestic and love to nurture others. They love being in the company of family, which is why their home life and children take top priority. Serenity and harmony in the home is imperative for their peace of mind. They can tend to get emotional and wear their hearts on their sleeves, but as soon as they sense a threat, they are the first to retreat into their shells. Because of their emotional sensitivities, they tend to angle their relating style sideways or put up walls as a measure of protection, not fully investing themselves until things feel safe.

Love: This month (and the rest of this year), people born under the sign of cancer will be presented opportunities for purification, transformation, restructuring or face the entire dissolution of toxic relationships. This will make room for more supportive and healthy dynamics and self care. Whether you are in a deep soul contract relationship or some other sort of partnership, this month, the Powers that Be, will help bring clarity to what may have been cloudy circumstances. Since Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer this month, be careful not to get carried away with drama, anger and projection. Instead, use this Martian energy productively, allowing it to drive you to accomplish what needs to happen with regard to repairing or dissolving a relationship. To mitigate unfavorable repercussions of Mars and Rahu in your sign of Cancer this month, here are some recommended remedial measures:

· Keep a vile of rose essential oil in your pocket and take a whiff when you start to feel tension.

· Spray your face with rose hydrosol to stay refreshed and peaceful. Keep the spray bottle handy and give your partner a little spray too J

· Keep a vase of fresh flowers near you.

· Sit or meditate by still water or walk along the ocean shore barefoot

· Swim in cool water and do moon bathing on the full moon.

· Stretch, twist and open your torso with back bends, spinal twists and cobra to release inflammation.

· Moon Salutations

· Eat some sweet potatoes or cucumbers/avocado salad with sweet carrot dressing to help ground and soothe.

Money: You may be the recipient of an unexpected donation this month, or you may be invited to do some public speaking as part of your job. If you can step into your power center, your speech can be charismatic, shining and magnetic with Rahu sitting on the sun. Jupiter is glancing into your 2nd house of money as well, gifting you with luck, protection, abundance and joy. Remedial measures to help bring in more money this month for Cancer people:

· Wear red or wine colors

· Be extra kind to your father, grandfather and other authority figures like bosses

· Do some soul searching in your meditation practice

· Sun salutations

· Find your power animal

· Breath in the sunrise and sunset

· Allow yourself to shine

Career: The good news is Jupiter is casting a glance at your 10th house of career this month, which may help, protect and soften up any hiccups caused by the debilitated Mars, who owns your 10th house of career at this time. Since Mars is debilitated during the later part of June and into July, it has the potential to cause a pinch in your industry or career. This pinch can unfold as displaced aggression, resentment or the inability to complete a project because you may be lacking the drive to get it done right now. It may cause lay-offs, completions in a line of work or drama from a male at work. Remedial Measures to help your career this month:

· More laughter and funny movies

· Wear gold and yellow colors

· Donate to schools

· Volunteer at the Boys and Girls’ Club

· Help children

· Vegetarian eating or a juice fast on Thursdays

New Moon: July 2 Solar Eclipse.

Full Moon: July 16 Lunar Eclipse.

The molecules in the air become denser and sticky during the 2-week eclipse season. We can become more susceptible to bacteria, virus and toxic food and people during this time. Remedial measures:

· Go gently and gracefully

· Less socializing: more quiet time alone inside or with loved ones

· Eat clean and light

· Indulge in magnesium salt baths with aromatic essential oils

· More sleep, meditation and rest

· Stay home as much as possible

· Don’t start anything new or make any big decisions or sign anything major

· Journal, get a massage and take a day off if possible

· Restorative yoga

· Set new intentions on the new moon

· Manifest your dreams on the full moon by writing down exactly what you want as if you already have it.