Gemini Astrology Musings May/June 2019 Tropical Zodiac

Gemini Forecast

People born with their Sun in tropical Gemini can be witty, quick, good at writing, math and science and using their hands.  Gemini’s can be considered the “intellectual chameleon” because they can fit easily into any crowd.  They can have 2 or more personalities and easily vacillate between decisions, genders and embody the classic Jeckle and Hyde syndrome.  They can easily take on the qualities of whom they hang around with. Consequently, it’s extra important for them to associate themselves with those they emulate, a higher caliper of people they aspire to be like. The planet Mercury owns Gemini and governs the intellect and is also a barometer for discernment.  It your natal mercury shares a house with the moon; it can give rise to incredible intuition as well.

Healthy New Moon June 3: This is a great time to start a new diet or juice cleanse, or a new routine at the gym.  Or try a new form of yoga or begin a new project or relationship. When the moon is new, it will support our intentions of letting go of what no longer serve us. Or if you were in a toxic relationship, the energy from the new moon will support us in our endeavors for personal sovereignty, which can be more easily attained when we gently and lovingly pull out the cords in our chakras, which connect us to someone that has been causing disharmony in our lives. Or we can illuminate the cords with golden light in our mind’s eye. It’s a time to start fresh on all levels.

Love: June 9th: Venus transits your sign of Gemini, which can bring in new love or deepening of your current relationship. The sun will be shining directly on Gemini’s at this time, making you more desirable and attractive. Venus is sweet and magnetic, and when it transits your sign of Gemini, it may inspire people want to be with you, either in a business partnership, love relationship or friendship. 

Strawberry Full Moon 2019

Strawberry Full Moon 2019

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17: The Moon will be igniting your 7th house of relationships. It will be sharing the house with our friend Jupiter, who will bestow blessings on your relationships by gracefully transforming matters of ethics, truth, core beliefs and integrity, creating a healthier relationship dynamic. New relationships may also surface for Gemini’s! The moon will light up any concealed issues or bring up any emotions that you have been suppressing. Full Moon bathing will help reduce inflammation in the body and soothes the nervous system.

Money: June 22: The sun ignites your 2nd house of money during the month of Gemini. Your income may come “front and center”. How it expresses exactly will depend upon the condition of your own natal sun and 2nd house. You may hear news about a raise or find something you’ve been shopping for “on sale” and make a long awaited purchase. Since the 2nd house governs speech, you may even feel drawn to creative expression, communication, speaking up and being chattier.

June 27th: Mercury will be transiting your 3rd house where you may have opportunity for writing, publishing, blogging, presenting seminars and all other forms of communications. This will also bring up themes around siblings, courage, vocational careers and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Spiritual Awakenings: Uranus is currently in Gemini’s 12th house, which can give rise to more emphasis on spirituality, going within, meditation, the magical, mystical realms, noticing your dreams, endings, death-like experiences, overseas technologies, purifications and awakening to who you truly are.