Card Reading & Astrology Musings April & May 2019

Happy Birthday Tropical Taurus!


 Taurus is known for being reliable, practical, ambitious and sensual, and an eye for beauty. Adjectives for Taurus: generous, dependable, down to earth, patient, persistent, lazy, stubborn, materialistic and possessive.

 Venus is the ruler of Taurus and is considered the love planet! Sidereal Venus enters Pisces on April 15th, which is its sign of exaltation. Venus governs the oily quality in the body. My teacher always said, “Love is oily”. While it’s in Pisces, it may be extra oily! That means Venus will be may bring very sweet or very intense emotional results until it leaves around May 10th. While it’s in it’s sign of exaltation, which is Pisces, it can tend towards extremes and exaggerations regarding love, money, sex, beauty, opulence, the arts and emotion. While Venus plays in the sign of Pisces, it can be overly dreamy, delusional, and intense, although, it can be a romantic time for the world, but especially for those whose sun, moon or rising signs in their natal charts are in the tropical or the sidereal sign Taurus.

 It’s ok to feel intensely about these fields of living or about the one you love, but don’t become attached or identify yourself with these experiences and feelings between April 15th and May 10th. Instead, allow yourself to feel your emotions fully for a short time, then, just let them pass thru you, watching them as if in a “witness” state. It’s not easy to do, but practice makes perfect.

To keep your emotional body in check, write your feelings down, as this will shift you out of your emotional right brain into the logical left brain. You will find any heart pain will soften when you read or write. Or if you are experiencing the bliss of love right now, enjoy it fully, and let the bliss bubble up, as it may feel extremely blissful due to the Venus in Pisces weather. But, remember true peace of mind is when we feel “steady-steady-steady” in our hearts. Too much bliss isn’t good. It can tax the heart overtime. Don’t make any big love decisions right now because things will settle down organically after May 10th.

 Throughout April, Jupiter is ghandanta (at zero degrees), which literally means drowning in Sanskrit. It can give rise to global flooding, as well as personal emotional flooding. It’s a good time to find a compassionate ear, like a counselor, so you can organize your emotions while talking, helping you to understand things more clearly. A gandhanta Jupiter can also make the world feel emotionally overwhelmed for a month or so. If we all know how emotions can impact our bodies, then we can understand how it can collectively affect our weather, causing tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and even violence.

 As of March 23rd, Ketu, which is the south node of the moon and Pluto are both at the same degree, in the same house, which, can give rise to secret truths being revealed in our personal lives. If you’ve been wondering whether or not your spouse has been cheating, this is the time when such secrets will be revealed. The truth will set you free, giving us all a chance to deeply heal because there can be no healing when we in the dark and blinded by deception. As well, this alignment will affect us globally as religious scandals will be unveiled and the secret documents revealed in the government regarding aliens, 9/11, and the Kennedy assassination.

 Venus and Neptune are sitting the same house right now, almost at the same degree. Neptune, the planet of smoke and mirrors, romance and illusion will shine the light on dishonest behaviors in marriages and relationships. Those who have been sneaking around, cheating and lying will be most likely be caught during this time and face their karma. As a result, you may notice many shocking, unexpected divorces this year and/or you may find yourself in a crazy and wild secret love affair!

Feel free to schedule a reading with me for more details on how to navigate thru the planetary weather! Thank you for taking the time to read my musings. - Karyn Marie Chabot