March 2019 Vedic & Tropical Astrology Musings

Stone Stuppa in Newport, RI

Stone Stuppa in Newport, RI

Anyone born with their natal sun sitting in the sign of Aries or with the sign of Aries sitting on the eastern horizon in either sidereal or tropical astrology can embody personality traits that are pioneering, passionate and impulsive. They the “do-ers” of the cosmos and know how to get things done.  Since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, Aries can be considered the forever children of the cosmos. They love to play. Besides having a tendency to do things on the run, they are usually rushing from one task to another, which unfortunately tends to make them more prone to accidents, sudden falls, and burns, than most other people. With Mars as their ruling planet, it is not surprising that high temperatures and feverish conditions are also associated with Aries. They tend toward inflammation in the physical body, as well as the emotional body----which can also show up as passion. If inflammation takes over, Aries should eat a pitta-reducing (anti-inflammatory) diet, torso opening yoga, left-nostril breathing techniques, meditation and moon bathing to counter balance the heat. Aries rules the head, and as a result, headaches and eyestrain tend to be common complaints with the people of this sign.

Make your dreams come true with the power of the moon!  On the new moon—April 5th-- in tropical Aries (or exactly on your birthday) is a powerful time to create a Vision Board as well as a time to write down all the things you wish to create in your life. Do this, then fold up the piece of paper with your wishes on them, and go to the beach to find 3 stones to create what we call a Buddhist Stuppa. Put that folded wish list underneath the Stuppa so that the stones can send up your intentions to the heavens. While you are at the beach, face the ocean and thank the Spirit of ocean for listening and helping you manifest your dreams. Then, write a list of what or whom you want to purify out of your life, then rip it up and wait for the full moon to burn it outside.

Since the planet Mars is ruler of Aries and it transits to Gemini in an Aries chart, this can ignite your 3rd house, on March 31. Themes around siblings, entrepreneurial or courageous endeavors, vocational trainings and certifications, blogging, relocating, writing will become front and center. It’s also great time to start or finish writing your book!

 Mercury goes direct on March 28th, which usually makes Aries very happy because they are the busy people of the zodiac and don’t like to sit still or and often impatient when Mercury asks us all to reflect, ponder, restructure and be still.

The Nodes of the moon changed signs March 23 2019! They change signs every 18 months and are responsible for the eclipses. They are the south and north poles of the moon, otherwise known as intersections in the sky.  What was happening 18 years ago for you? It may repeat, on the feeling and thought level. Globally, we had 9/11 in 2001. Prior to that we had the AIDs outbreak in 1982 and 18.5 years prior to that, Kennedy was assigned and 18.5 years prior to that we had Hiroshima bombing.  There is a gift in every adversity, and sometimes it is necessary for our world to experience adversities as a way of purification. Such purifications can give rise to more love and harmony, which is what it’s all about. Instead of fearing what’s to come, prepare yourselves by doing as much self-care as possible, praying and visualizing peace, setting intentions to continue to serve, smile, spread the light and be there for those in need.

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 Thank you for reading. Namaste ~ Karyn