What is Shirodhara Therapy?

Below is a description of my Shirodhara Therapy Service:

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Relax and transcend the world with a thick, gentle stream of warm oil flowing smoothly and rhythmically over the forehead and crown for 45 mins, while cradled by warm smooth stones strategically positioned under and around the body for restorative support. This mind-melting ancient oil therapy enlivens our innate intelligence, igniting automatic self-healing. This Ayurvedic therapy dispels negative thoughts by dispersing the negative electrical impulses that accumulate at our foreheads from overthinking and stress. Warm fresh lemon will be applied on the soles of the feet prior to a warm oil head, neck, face, hand and foot massage. Awaken your intuition, heighten your senses and renew the sweetness of life. Wear clothing you don't mind soiling and bring a scarf or hat for your head for after the session. Be prepared to lose your mind. Namaste :-)

To learn more:

Enroll in my online self-paced e-course on Shirodhara Therapy here or in one of my Newport, RI Shirodhara classes at this link.