Enjoy My Video Snippet on The Science of The Mystic Cards

Discover the secret language of the deck of playing cards. Based on the mathematics of a birthday, the astrological language of the playing cards can reveal the mysteries and complexities of past relationships; predict windows of future romance, when money will come easy, when new jobs may unfold or end and illuminate our deepest soul purpose. Karyn helps students and clients stay in the moment while understanding and forgiving the past. Each birthday contains a specific vibration or solar value which gives rise to unique tendencies, patterns, events, and personalities. The Sanskrit language has one word that describes such a theory: Vidya. Its translation is the merge of science, art and magic. Ponder this: 52 cards in a deck = 52 weeks of each year. 4 suits = 4 seasons. 12 months = 12 court cards. 13 annual lunar cycles = 13 cards within each suit. When we add up the solar values of all the cards, we get exactly 365 1/4; the same amount of days inside one year. The joker is involved with the 1/4. The deck of cards is actually a mystical calendar. When we learn to navigate the unconscious realms--before it manifests--while recognizing the divine messages that surround us in the present moment---we can truly find peace of mind and be a lighthouse for the world.  All we have is now.  Schedule a private session with her on Zoom.us, phone or in person.