Beautiful Mantra for Mars

This is a beautiful chant to help the planet Mars smile down upon us. It is a prayer of protection, by surrounding the magnetic field with protective light.

Translated: "I bow to the primal guru (guiding consciousness who takes us to God-Realization, I bow to the wisdom of the ages, I bow to the true wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom."

Sidereal Mars changes signs about every 2 months and goes into the sign of Aries about 2 years. Today is the big day! Mars is changing signs——as I write——and since it’s the Ruler of my natal chart, the transit causes me (and anyone else with a Rulership of Mars in their Sidereal Natal Astrology Chart) to feel shaky, stressed and ungrounded. It will affect everyone differently and at varying levels of intensity depending on your natal Mars placement and condition. Such planetary transits are called “Gandhanta” in Sanskrit. This particular transit coincides with my Mystic Card tropical zodiac chart’s “twilight zone”, which is igniting the 6 of Spades and 9 of Spades, causing more ungrounding and unnerving feelings. This too shall pass. I am grateful I can be reassuring by the the science and math(astrology) that explains such random, mysterious feelings.

This Mars transit is global and will impact the entire world starting today. Wonderfully passionate things may unfold now. How it affects you individually will depend on your natal chart planetary placements. Globally, goals will be accomplished, productivity will increase, we all may feel more "busy" with a forward movement regarding projects, passions, fires, intensity, new endeavors and excitement will prevail.

On the darker side, this may give rise to heated debates globally, earthquakes and possibly war-like experiences since Mars in the sign of Aries is considered “Swa” in the Sanskrit language. When a planet is "swa" (sitting in its own sign), it becomes more powerful and ignited, which is why I am writing about this now. Today and the next few days, as Mars settles into Aires more fully, I suggest getting in touch with your passions, desires and task lists! It's a great time to manifest your dreams, as Mars is the great manifestor! Today is a good day for massage, meditation or soaking in a magnesium tub. Explore nature, rest and eat soft easy-to-digest, clean grounding foods like root veggies. Avoid salads, raw veggies, crunchy foods, sugar and caffeine until Feb 10th when Mars is fully stabilized into Aries, cozy and comfy.

I am happy to guide you and give you a private reading on your sidereal natal chart and or the mystic card charts. I focus on good news only and "free will". Spiritual blueprint and soul contracts are real and helpful to see.