Pisces & Super Full Moon Cognitions 2019

Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. One fish is always trying to “swim away” or escape reality. The other fish is extremely intuitive and dreamy. Pisces imagination and dreamy qualities can give rise to escapism when exaggerated, so finding an earthy mate to help ground you would be helpful.  Pisces governs the feet, so they love to dance. They also love the arts, production and the movies. Their moods are mysterious and their dreams are intense and often clairvoyant. Pisces should have a journal by their bed, since some their best ideas will come in your sleep. The best way for Pisces to experience their own strength is to help people in need. They usually are the one’s in the soup kitchens, volunteering at nursing homes and doing self-less service. Doing such service will light them up!

Pisces have great compassion and incredible healing powers. Since they have a very giving and generous nature, it’s extra important for them to meditate, find spiritual outlets, nature immersions or time alone. This can help Pisces get re-centered in back in their own power.

Between February 14 to March 31, Mars moves into the sign of tropical Taurus and their communicative third house. When the 3rd house is activated, it will bring more attention to the hands, ears, siblings, entrepreneurial endeavors, relocating, vocational careers and courage. With Mars going thru 3rd house, it can motivate you to start a new business, relocate, listen to passionate music, enroll in a new vocation, get handy-projects completed and find the courage to speak your truth to a sibling, perhaps, or just about anyone. Be careful to avoid arguments because Mars is the planet of love and war.


Venus is igniting your 11th house of charitable money as it sits in tropical Capricorn in the sky right now for another couple weeks.

Super Full Moon:

On February 19 we will have a tropical Virgo Super-full moon. It is the biggest, brightest full moon until 2026.

Just before the sun transits tropical Pisces, the full moon will reach its closest point of approach to planet Earth. On that same day, its surface will be 100% illuminated by the Sun, creating a perfectly full Moon. This combination of the Moon's closest approach to Earth and the Moon reaching its moment of greatest illumination together not only creates a supermoon, but one of the brightest moons in the next 7 years.

Such supermoons can cause more systemic swelling and bloating, so be careful about ingesting too much salt, sugar, pizza and ice cream. These are foods that cause us to feel bloated. The tides will be higher. Instead, drink a natural diuretic like dandelion tea, green tea or raw lemon water with stevia. I hate to say it too, but coffee is also a natural diuretic. Just try to drink it organic with a dash of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg to mitigate the negative caffeine effects like the jitters and acidity.

The moon the most sensitive part of ourselves. It governs the emotional body. This moon will in tropical Virgo, ruled by mercury. Mercury governs the intellect, so this moon will give this moon a balancing effect, harmonizing the emotional body and the intellect. It will help give everyone more clarity in fields of living. Anything or any relationship that has been looming in a gray area, will soon find more definition and black and white pieces. It’s been said that the root cause of all disease is being in an undefined, confused relationship. This moon will help everyone get real. Those people who have been perplexes with “should I stay or should I go” may finally be able to decide. This moon can help bring everyone towards self-actualization and become the best they can be. Its brightness will shine on all aspects of living, globally and personally. The insights will be invaluable. It’s a great time to manifest what you want to create in your life.

Self-Care for Pisces:

·      Moon bathing removes inflammation

·      Charge your crystals and favorite jewelry outside under the moon

·      It’s a time of great power, so whatever you put your thoughts and attention on during that time will become magnified and easily brought to fruition.

·      Dream boards

·      Fresh lemon & castor oil on your feet for detoxification 1x/day for 1 week.