Psychotic or Psychic?

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This article should shed some light on what Vedic astrologers already know about the astrology of being highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive. When mercury and moon are conjunct or at the same degrees in the natal chart, the native can either be psychotic or psychic……or both……if they do not receive training and guidance from wise ones for how to deal with this gift. Moon represents the Emotional Mind. Mercury represents the Intellect. When conjoined at birth, it gives rise to a genius emotional intellect, meaning we FEEL intensely, perceive more than reason, and often pierce right thru the logical intellect. Disembodied entities can “see” us (our light) because of our gifts, like moth to a flame. They hang around us in hopes of being helped to the light or healed…..or they hope to cause fear, impeding our abilities to continue shining and healing. We must be fearless if we are to do this work. I have a list of Ayurvedic Rx for removing fear, namely, do not be alone. Do not isolate yourself, especially in the Winter months. Sleep with the light on. Eat warm soups, warm baths, warm hugs, remove raw crunchy foods, more massage, read uplifting inspiration daily quotes and books, and apply oil to your skin daily before a bath.

Shamans know this, without using astrology per se, but when two systems line up like this, it gives confluence and credibility.