USA Eclipse Predictions Using The Science of The Mystic Cards Jan -July 2019

The US’s natal card is Jack of Diamonds. Its ruling card is King of Clubs.

Notice the eclipse planet is Jupiter and Saturn, the great teachers. Jupiter is the benefic and Saturn is the great malefic, so we will experience the bittersweetness of both in our country this year……and learn many lessons, possibly thru fighting and war-like communications due to the the 2 of clubs in Jupiter, which is the card of fear and mars, the warrior. The 9 of spades can represent the end of the end——meaning an end in all levels, including our monetary system as well as core beliefs will be shaken. It can also bring many blessings in the end and a wish fulfillment via purification. Jupiter represents the bank and overseas.

See the 10 of Diamonds in Saturn sitting the black hole of 6S/9S? That represents another loss of the financial system in the country, as well as money coming in via “inheritance” of some sort, from another country, maybe a pay off.  The 8 of Spades will mitigate and soften the adversities, thankfully.  The 9 of Diamonds in Jupiter also shows the financial collapse, but somehow it’s a blessing since Jupiter is overseeing this. The 8 of Clubs in Saturn is the card of protection, though it represents the 8th house in astrology charts, signifying moksha—liberation—thru transformation.

Trump’s ruling card is Ace of Spades and it sits in Mercury with the 9 of Hearts. This can represent some sort of ending of him in charge before the summer--- this can happen quickly, since mercury has a quick way of being——perhaps in transit as well, because Mercury can represent short trips. It seems the country might grieve him somehow with that 9 of Hearts. This ending may also be expressed FROM OR BY him, if he announces something to the world that would cause disappointment or grief. Mercury rules communication too, not just short trips.

We are being divinely protected and will our power with the 8 of Diamonds in Neptune at the end. All is well in the world, no matter. More love and love more.

All Love,


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