Vidya : Science, Art & Magic

The Sanskrit language has one word describing the blend of magic, art and science. Yes, one word = Vidya. Since it's one word, we can surmise the great sages, who cognized Sanskrit centuries ago, also known as the language of Nature, knew that art, science and magic were inseparable. That said, the science of the cards is a true Vidya, just like Jyotish or any other form of astrology where intuition is heightened from seeing the math, sacred symbols and resonate frequency of each person, their thoughts/feelings and every experience. I blend my knowledge of Jyotish with the cards, as they align harmoniously.

Come learn the hidden language of the cards with me and understand yourself, others and your life more deeply. Explore the mathematical formulas, ancient, genetic archetypal stories that live in our DNA and discover your stardust origins. I'll help you mitigate any troubles you may be facing using sound (mantra) and other remedial measures, as well as help you move past health, money and/or relationship issues. If you only want to hear the "good news", I can do that too! In my eyes, all news is good news in the end :-). It's all in the "delivery and interpretation".

Let's open your personal "Book of Time", based on your birthday values, and together, we can translate your "stories". Let me teach you how to simultaneously live in the moment and change your story, while decoding the many options that may unfold in your future and forgive the past. Time is the illusion anyway. Love is all there is, right now and always.

If you want a reading, book me at the link below or if you want to learn how to read the science of the cards, join my webinar starting Oct 21, 2018 or come to Newport, RI to study in person with me every Friday night starting Oct 12 for 8 Fridays. I may offer one free introductory webinar evening on this card system as well, so stay tuned for that announcement.
Phone readings available too!

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