Self-Discovery Within a Tiny, Unbound Book?


The original playing cards were actually once a stack of tiny, loose-leaf, unbound pages (perhaps papyrus, seaweed or banana leaves?) containing sacred geometrical shapes, resonate mathematical frequencies, astrological symbols and archetypal faces divinely designed to expand consciousness, predict the future and serve as a "book of time". Each tiny page (card) decodes the mysteries of our individual lives based on one's birthday, through ancient mathematical formulas aligned in perfect harmony with the laws of nature. 

Hidden and woven into the matrix of our cosmology and reflected within the Kabbalah, the Zohar, the Zoroastrian and Jewish esoteric traditions as well as within this tiny unbound book, are 52 sacred harmonics and symbols, aligning with the 52 weeks of each year. The number 52 adds up to 7. There are 7 planets, not including the nodes of the moon, which are actually intersections, not planets, though Vedic astrology often includes them as planet-like entities. If we are microcosms of the macrocosm, then there are 7 planets within our very own DNA, right down to the quantum level. “As above; so below.” We can also discover 4 suits matching our 4 seasons, 12 months aligned with the 12 court cards, 13 lunar cycles each year and 13 cards within each suit. When we add up the solar values of all the cards, we get exactly 365 1/4; the same days inside one year. Can this be a coincidence? This is a mathematically precise and stellar system that gives our prayers more clarity, our thoughts more power, and our free will a wider platform. There is nothing evil, or “gypsy” about it unless the reader has evil intentions, of course.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”  -Randy Pausch

This tiny book has it's own symbolic language which takes the form of sacred shapes and numbers outlining and defining each of our personal blueprints, genetic coding, gifts, challenges and potential life experiences based on consciousness and the magic of the moment. This language of nature was cognized to help us avert the danger before it arrives and be prepared for the ups and downs, ebbs and flows, sacred contractual relationships and experiences as well as, how to best make daily-informed decisions while brightening our intuition. This system has increased my intuitive confidence, which is my hope for each of my clients. Before each session, I pray with my client that THEY receive clarity, direction, healing, mental and emotional peace and increased intuitive abilities. Each card we play and how we play that card, creates the fabric of our future and has a ripple effect impacting the akashic collective consciousness.

Because of the insights I have received from this card system, I have been able to fully forgive and understand those who have hurt me. Consequently, I am able to step out of “victim-mentality” and into a “unity consciousness” mentality. Once we fully understand this tiny book as it relates to ourselves, we can begin to understand that life is "play". The great mystics from India refer to this as the “Lila” of life, a Sanskrit term meaning the playful relationship between the absolute field of all possibilities and the relative world. This is why there are two main card templates on which this sacred system was cognized thousands of years ago: 1. Absolute Spirit Spread. 2. Relative Earth Spread. Having awareness of these two templates, how to dance eloquently between them, as well as how/where our individual solar values (mathematical numbers) “sit” inside this time-space continuum, we can begin to transcend illusion and suffering, live in gratitude and play in the “Lila” of life with more joy. 

Our solar values can be determined by this simple mathematical formula: Take the numeric value of the month of your birthday twice and add it together. Then, add the numeric value of the day you were born to that figure. Then subtract the number 55. That will take you to your “solar value”. Example: If you were born on November 29: 11 + 11 = 22. Add 29 = 51. Deduct 55 = -4.  Each card owns a solar value. Most values will come to a “negative”, but that’s ok. A person born on November 29 will be born to play the 4 of hearts card in this life, however this person would not be limited to this harmonic only. Since each card is actually a harmonic “in procession”, there are many options based on this card, from which to express, depending on consciousness. 

 The figure of 55 represents the “sun”, whose numeric value is 1, which is what we get when we add 5 + 5. There are other reasons beyond the scope of this article why we choose to use a double 5 instead of a number 1 for this formula. This knowledge can give rise to awareness of “what is” so that we may love “what is” and that “knowing” is transcendental such that finally we can live in the heart like a child. 

In the sunlight of awareness, all things are sacred.”
Thich Nat Han

We are actors on our own stage of life and have assigned a role (card) to each of the "people" on our stage. Our stage is dynamic, so the saga continues, following the procession of the 52 harmonics. Most of us could win academy awards! What a show! Imagine our ancestors in the audience, giving us standing ovations and cheering us onward?  Because of its power, this divination system was persecuted in the Middle Ages by the church. It was seen as a threat to the state, kings, queens, religious leaders and the parliament and assigned as “evil” so that the masses would remain vulnerable, dumbed down and instead live in fear of the kingdom and it’s leadership. Cards were associated with gypsies simply because the higher echelon of society faced gossip or the demise of their status due to the on-going persecutions and attempts to vanquish this science of truth. The gypsies didn't care about their status. Consequently, the cards were hidden in plain site under the guise of game playing like "go fish", bridge, poker, and so on. The magic of this tiny book remained divinely protected and managed to survive the threat of complete banishment!

This sacred knowledge was originally gifted to us by heavenly beings thousands of years ago, or some say enlightened extraterrestrials and is now making a welcome return to our planet so we may finally understand whom we are why we are here. This tiny book was written for Seekers of the Truth, Gatekeepers of Love, who, uninterested in the politics of organized religion, are instead passionate about bringing more light to the planet and marching to the beat of their own drum.  Finally, this ancient knowledge is being resurrected today so the people on this planet may begin to take accountability, self-actualize, soften, smile, become empowered, love more, stop taking things personally, dance with gratitude and forgive our worst enemies who are really reflections of "ourselves" as the role (card) we assigned to them on our stage of life. Ultimately, in the final act, we can learn to forgive and love ourselves.

"Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule our lives and we will call it fate." 
-- Carl Jung

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Karyn teaches Card Cosmology in Newport, RI, as well as online. She’s been a teacher in the field of metaphysics for over 25 years, been on Fox TV, published many E-books, developed many instructional healing arts videos, owned several therapeutic schools, is a licensed massage therapists, was the inventor of hot stone massage in 1999, is a nationally certified yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, has her masters in Ayurvedic Medicine, is a renown Vedic astrologer and Intuitive, owns Sacred Stone Academy of Metaphysics and Ayurved and is the mother of a 29 year old daughter who is also immersed in the healing arts and bringing more light to the world.