Sagittarius at Newport Living and Lifestyles 2018

Sagittarius: Late November Thru December 2018

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Jupiter is sitting in Mar’s sign of Scorpio. Saturn is sitting in Sagittarius, which brings out the truth behind religions, core beliefs and ethical principals and values. When we add these factors up, we get a very Scorpion flavor of how Saturn will affect Sagittarius! This gives rise to potential religious and ethical scandals, debates, confusion, hidden truths behind religious leaders may surface and some of our core beliefs may be shaken or challenged.

With Retrograde Mercury sitting in Scorpio---which happens on Nov 16 until Dec 6th----the scandals can be based on miscommunication and misunderstandings as well, since when Mercury goes retrograde (backwards), it can stir up confusion. All these things can happen on a personal level as well as a global level.  Hold off on having family conversations around religion and politics at Thanksgiving this year because it could end up causing more trouble than it’s worth.  It’s a transformational alignment, so if transformation is what you are seeking, then don’t be afraid to be confrontational, assertive and get your point across. If peace is what you are seeking, then lay low and stay in the outskirts of such heated debates while communing with family and friends over the holidays.

Saturn is much like the police, so since Oct 2017—Jan 2020, many people with a Sagittarius Sun may have felt policed somehow someway in their lives. Saturn brings delays, hardships, lessons, obstacles, discipline and structure, so that we can develop more patience, wisdom, purity, and carve out the time to get practical matters in place and finish things we started. Saturn helps us stay on our path.  All you people with a Sag Sun will feel huge relief in Jan 2020 when it goes into it’s own sign of Capricorn. Use this time to police your own selves by being disciplined with a healthy routine, eating a purifying clean diet, finding time to meditate daily, even if for 15 mins, being more grateful for healthy structures and people that help you stay on target, as well as checking things off your To Do list. Maybe you have been wishing to publish a book but haven’t been disciplined enough about finishing it? This is your time. Saturn will help you publish it and retrograde mercury will support you as well, since it will help slow things down for you to carve out time to write.

 Friday, November 16:
The Sun enters sidereal Scorpio: The sign of Scorpio is transformational and Sun signifies fathers, government, leaders, teachers, the soul, among other things, but it also governs the heart, bones and small intestines. Nov 16th is not a good time to start anything new, as all planetary transits are delicate and can create vulnerability. Instead, it would be a good day to reach out to your dear ole dad, for example, to say hello and tell him you love him. You could even have a deep and meaningful conversation with him on this day, but be sure to carefully choose your words since Mercury is going retrograde on this same day.  

While Sun is in Scorpio, take care of your heart by getting plenty of cardiovascular exercise daily----I recommend a 45-minute brisk walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Take plenty of Vitamin D3 for your bones and drink a fresh green drink to support your small intestines.  Give your intestines a chance to digest by not diluting your digestive fire by refraining from drinking too much liquid while eating a large meal. Drink your liquids 20 mins before each meal instead of during.  Release excess heat from the Sun in Scorpio by including spinal twists and back bends, like cobra, in your yoga or stretching routines.  

Friday, November 23:
The November Full Moon takes place at just past midnight at 12:38AM EST in sidereal Taurus in the Star of Krittika . The effects of this Full Moon may be especially energizing. Here in very early Taurus the Moon nears its most-powerful ‘exaltation’ point within the zodiac. The lunar mansion of Krittika (‘The Cutter’) is symbolized as a sharp, razor-like instrument that has meanings of decisiveness, abundant energy, larger than life goals and projects on a mass-scale. Full moons are a great time to socialize, do things that require energy, say a prayer of intention or gratitude by the shore at sunset, and take a walk in the moonshine to help quell inflammation and anxiety.