Mystic Card Cosmology Intro & Levels 1 + 2

Develop Your Intuition with the Secret Language of Cards
….where science, art & magic meet.

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11 Reasons to Learn the Sacred, Secret Ancient Language of Cards:

  • Trust and heighten your intuition

  • Discover the connection between astrology and cards

  • Understand challenging relationships and the mathematical concept of the “Karmic Loop”

  • Be able to make more informed daily decisions based on hidden truths

  • Peek into hidden soul contracts and embrace forgiveness

  • Know your emotional forecast and bring your proverbial umbrella

  • How to choose your ideal mate and know who to trust

  • Develop a new rewarding career serving your clients on a deeper level

  • Make more money

  • Self Discovery

  • Sacred navigation tool for life on earth

  • Stay in the moment while simultaneously peering into the future

Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule our lives and we will call it fate. Carl Jung

About Me: I am an Educator, Counselor, Mystic, Astrologer and Healer. I offer private sessions and teach the Mystic Card Cosmology Method, Vedic Medical Astrology, Healing Arts, Yoga and Massage Therapy. As an international instructor and presenter in the field of metaphysics and healing for over 25 years, I’ve been interviewed on Fox TV, published many E-books and articles, developed seven instructional healing arts videos and online courses, founded and operated the first private proprietary state approved massage school in RI for five years and am still the owner and founder of Sacred Stone Academy for Metaphysics and Ayurveda (S.AM.A.) As the inventor of hot stone massage in 1999 and licensed massage therapist, I also have experience as a Shamanic and Ayurvedic Practitioner and a nationally certified yoga and dance instructor and performer. After I became initiated as a Siddha in the Transcendental Meditation Movement in 2008 Iowa, I earned my masters degree in holistic medicine from Goddard College in 2013. I have been a student of Vedic Astrology and the Mystic Card Method for 18 years, while simultaneously seeing clients for readings, health consultations, healings, massage and instruction. My book on the Mystic Card Method will be published in 2020. I counsel from the heart and create a sacred space for clients to heal in body, mind and spirit. As a gifted listener and a natural-born intuitive, my optimistic perspective will shine the light on the “good news” in your life. I will not share anything negative unless you ask and only if I feel it would be beneficial to know. I will compassionately explain what I “see” and “hear” in your life chart without judgment and will meet you where you are “at” on the soul level. When I am not in service to my beloved students and clients, I frolic in the ocean almost every warm day, dance in Zumba classes, laugh with my daughter and play in my kitchen creating sumptuous, holistic meals and treats. After many years of victoriously battling many genetic autoimmune diseases, using food as medicine, I am finally living a life of balance and health in Newport, RI with my 30 year-old daughter who is also successful and passionate in the healing arts. 401-680-3934.  I’m available by phone, and in-person. Book an appointment with me here.

I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,

Karyn Marie Chabot, M.Ay, LMT, RYT

The Secret Language of The Playing Cards

“Oh, the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there…if you had but the skill to read.” - Ben Franklin.

Discover the secret language of the deck of playing cards. Based on the mathematics of a birthday, the astrological language of the playing cards can reveal the mysteries and complexities of past relationships; predict windows of future romance, when money will come easy, when new jobs may unfold or end and illuminate our deepest soul purpose. Karyn helps students and clients stay in the moment while understanding and forgiving the past. Each birthday contains a specific vibration or solar value which gives rise to unique tendencies, patterns, events, and personalities. The Sanskrit language has one word that describes such a theory: Vidya. Its translation is the merge of science, art and magic. Ponder this: 52 cards in a deck = 52 weeks of each year. 4 suits = 4 seasons. 12 months = 12 court cards. 13 annual lunar cycles = 13 cards within each suit. When we add up the solar values of all the cards, we get exactly 365 1/4; the same amount of days inside one year. The joker is involved with the 1/4. The deck of cards is actually a mystical calendar. When we learn to navigate the unconscious realms--before it manifests--while recognizing the divine messages that surround us in the present moment---we can truly find peace of mind and be a lighthouse for the world.  All we have is now.  Schedule a private session with her on, phone or in person.

The greatest minds in history understood the secrets of mathematics.”- Albert Einstein.

First webinar or class is free for the first 11 students to email me.

Webinars and classes are combined. I do the “live” webinar with the Rhode Island local students at the same time on the flat screen Apple TV in my living room.

Intro to Mystic Card Cosmology: Thursday Weekly Webinar (and Newport, RI) from March 12-April 2, 2020. 7pm-9pm EST. No Prerequisites. Local students can participate in the webinar for free if they are unable to make it in person to one of the four classes, as well, receive the recordings. We use for the webinar.

Level 1 Mystic Card Cosmology: Thursday Weekly Webinar (and Newport, RI) Feb 13- March 5th, 2020. 7pm-9pm EST. Prerequisite: Graduation from the introductory level or listened to the recording. Local students can participate in the webinar for free if they are unable to make it in person to one of the four classes, as well, receive the recordings. We use for the webinar.


Tuition: Use this button to register for any and all class types. Email me the details to confirm. I will reply. All Levels are $188 each.


Earn Your Mystic Card Cosmology Certification After Passing Level 2. Stay tuned for Level 2 Class Dates.

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Send to The Yogic Mystic 26 Mumford Ave Newport, RI 02840 payable to Karyn Chabot. If you are trying to an Early Bird deadline when I offer them, your envelope should be post marked on or before the deadline date and tuition must be paid in full. Thank you!

“The greatest minds in history understood the secrets of mathematics.”- Albert Einstein

Required Book: Love Cards Book by Robert Lee Camp

Required Online Book of Destiny 4.0 Software Initial registration is $19.00. After that, it’s a monthly fee: $9.95 at this link. Please note, the book is titled Love Cards and the software is titled Book of Destiny 4.0. Discontinue monthly payments whenever you wish.

What To Bring: Smartphone, laptop or Ipod to view the cards on Robert Lee Camps Software for $9.95/month, along with a notebook, pen and deck of playing cards.

Testimonial: "Karyn read my cards in May 2009 and I took notes on her predictions. I almost forgot about the Karyn's predictions but I kept my notes, thankfully. I was very skeptical about the accuracy. She said I was to meet a young man on August 20th and his birthday was to be December 16th. She even predicted he would be married. I did meet this young man Oct. 20, 2009 and when I asked him when he was born he said Dec. 16th.  I almost fell off my chair. Wow!!!!"   -Suzie Newport, RI

“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.” - Albert Einstein

Discover your natal card at this link
Download the class manual here

Student Objectives:

  • Discover the history of the cards as an oracle

  • How to make accurate predictions

  • Current Card rectification techniques

  • Understand your natal and ruling cards

  • Learn how to read the Spirit and Earth spreads

  • Explore the Celtic Cross spread, assigning a card to each person in your life

  • Weave the cards into a story following the natural procession

  • Demystify, understand and forgive all your past and present relationships

  • Discover how to avoid toxic relationships before they begin

  • Explore your life purpose, natural gifts and challenges

  • Learn how to Quadrate the deck of cards

  • Enhance and validate your intuition by opening your third eye

  • Become familiar with the meanings of each suit and the number system

  • What is your solar value and the many multidimensional layers of your being

  • Rectify which card you are currently expressing through

  • Learn how to read your own cards

  • Study sacred sounds and resonate frequencies as they apply to each card

  • Assign cards to locations such as your work place, home, city, and state

  • Find the best place to live for your natal card harmonic

  • Determine planetary significations, meanings and interpretations

  • Discover the cards of health, illness, divorce, marriage, new job, moving, home, deception, and liberation

  • Connect the cards to the houses in an astrology chart

  • Understand the environment, displacement, karma, long range, pluto, vertical and direct cards

  • Become acquainted with the Special Family of Seven (fixed and semi-fixed cards)

  • Learn your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 7-year and 13-year cards

  • Discover your families cards and any genetic or "karmic loops"

  • Play with the magic circle of 45 cards

  • Understand the significance of composite cards and planetary compatibilities

Who should take this course?

  • People seeking a fun and effective results-oriented Intuitive divination system that fits into a busy lifestyle

  • Those seeking self-realization, enlightenment, spirituality and truth

  • Shamans seeking to transcend their mesas and blue prints

  • Astrologers looking to rise above their natal and divisional charts

  • Tarot and oracle enthusiasts looking to enhance the quality of their reading

  • Healing arts professionals looking to expand their ability to serve their clients on a deeper level

  • People wanting support and guidance in developing their intuition using results oriented, easy, yet advanced techniques with a passionate, down to earth, experienced mentor and master teacher

  • Anyone who wants to be free of fear-based decision making and victim-mentality

  • Those called to make a positive difference on the planet by helping others with intuitive work

  • Anyone who enjoys hands-on, experiential intuitive development training in a supportive, fun and friendly environment

    Prerequisites: Believing in the magic and wonder of life on earth. Gratitude. Passion. Open mind. Open heart.

Card Cosmology Registration Form

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Sorry no refunds unless class is canceled for some reason. Students have 1 year to use their credits toward the next Card Cosmology program, or may use the credits in readings with me (Karyn) over a period of 1 year after the date of payment. At least one webinar is held per year. Thank you. Namaste


When a woman learns clairvoyant tools, her world changes.
She no longer holds back. She keeps to her tide. She rises to her wishes.
She is altered.

When a woman learns clairvoyant tools, her creativity is loud.
She plays with her karma. She talks to her healing guides. She tends to her heart.
She is awesome.

She witnesses her darkness, until her light becomes unwavering.
She is fierce.

She grounds when she’s intimate. She gets out of her body with awareness.
She calls herself back in with kindness.

How long will it take her to recognize her beauty, to hear her inner voice, to meet herself?

When she transforms, we all change. Our future comes through her.

--Rev. Michelle Pelletier

Cards Of The Cosmos

by Karyn Marie Chabot, Master Teacher (bio)

The original playing cards were actually once a stack of tiny, loose-leaf, unbound pages; perhaps papyrus, seaweed or banana leaves. The actual size of the “paper” was based on a precise, sacred geometrical size, later called a “deck” of cards. These cards are coded with archetypal shapes with hidden meanings that we now call suits. Each day of the year is assigned a specific natal and ruling card that gives rise to unique tendencies, patterns, and personalities. Based on one’s birthday (natal) card, we can depict its unique mathematical resonance, which can be used with cryptic formulas to calculate past, present, and future happenings in one’s life, as well as see the characteristics expressed in the layers of one’s personality.

 The suits, numbers and royal cards are cosmic images and symbols designed to expand consciousness, as well align with the human experience on earth. Some consider it to be “The Book of Time”. Though this is a concise science, it is also a mystical art form that magnifies intuition and harmonizes the concept of free will and prayer. The Sanskrit language has one word that describes such a theory: Vidya. Its translation is the merge of science, art and magic.

Ponder this:
52 cards in a deck = 52 weeks of each year. 
4 suits = 4 seasons. 
12 months = 12 court cards. 
13 annual lunar cycles = 13 cards within each suit. 
When we add up the solar values of all the cards, we get exactly 365 1/4; the same amount of days inside one year. 
The joker is involved with the 1/4. Coincidence? Not.

The deck of cards was actually an oracle and sacred mystical calendar cognized by an enlightened, highly evolved civilization. Later it was hidden in plain site for centuries because it was under persecution due to it's accuracy and power, which posed a threat to egoist kings, churches and other governments. There is nothing evil, or “gypsy” about it unless the reader has evil intentions. I believe there are assigned angels of the light and gatekeepers of this sacred science who have protected it through the dark ages of persecution, awaiting the time when people would finally wake up to receive this oracle with the dignity and power it was designed to embody. Thankfully, the cards were kept alive under the guise of game playing like "go fish", bridge, poker, and so on.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”  -Randy Pausch

This tiny book has it's own symbolic language outlining and defining each of our personal blueprints, genetic coding, gifts, challenges, future options and potential life experiences based on personal and global consciousness and the magic of the moment. Each card we play and how we play that card, create the fabric of our future. Once we fully understand this tiny book as it relates to ourselves, we can begin to understand that life is "play". The great mystics from India refer to this as the “Lila” of life, a Sanskrit term meaning the playful relationship between the absolute field of all possibilities and the relative world.

In the sunlight of awareness, all things are sacred.”
Thich Nat Han

This concept gives rise to the two main card templates, which are time-space continuums and the foundation of this entire science: 1. Absolute Spirit Spread. 2. Relative Earth Spread.  Both spreads contain all 52 cards in a specific order for a specific reason. Having awareness of these two templates, their order and how to interpret them, we can begin understand our relationships and ourselves, where we have been, our current situation and where we might be going. These spreads are simultaneously static and dynamic and express the genetic fabric of life as our soul’s blueprint. With this knowledge, one can transcend illusion and suffering, live in gratitude and play in the “Lila” of life with more bliss and peace of mind.

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